The MAMOQ Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Our name represents a holistic approach to sustainable fashion. Each letter of our name poses a guiding question that helps us evaluate the entire lifecycle and impact of each garment, so that we can be confident we partner with brands who share our vision for a better fashion industry.

What are the core beliefs of this brand? Do they have a strong message rooted in sustainability and ethics? Do they share our mission to change the fashion industry?
Is this brand accountable for their production? Are they transparent, responsible, and proud of the way they operate?
What materials are used and how are they sourced? Are they sustainable? Biodegradable? How will they be disposed?
Is there an opportunity to make a positive impact by supporting this brand? Will other people or ecosystems benefit from this purchase?
Are pieces thoughtfully designed and made with care? Are they high-quality and long lasting to wear for years to come?

When you think ethical, think MAMOQ.

Style That Matches Your Values

Our 12 Value Icons represent different ways our brands are committed to sustainable fashion.

Our Ethos

We only partner with brands that share our love of fashion and vision for a safer, fairer, more sustainable fashion industry.

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