Why Does It Always Feel Like We Have Nothing to Wear?

Why Does It Always Feel Like We Have Nothing to Wear?

How many times have you stood in a towel, staring blankly into a full closet with a feeling that you have absolutely nothing to wear? This is a scenario that the majority of us can probably relate to.

But why? It’s not as if our closets are actually empty. We have options, just not ones we really want to wear! So, how does it happen that our closets fill up with undesirables?

There are lots of reasons why certain articles of clothing slowly leave our daily rotation. Maybe your size has changed, maybe the weather is getting cooler, or maybe you have worn it so many times it’s just plain tired. But outside of those reasons, there are other big factors at play: Trends and Price Tags.


As we all know, fashion trends seem to change by the minute. If you are constantly seeking to be ‘on trend’, then your closet will have to keep up! This means tossing out last months ‘it look’ in favour of the next one. While we are all for looking good, there is definitely some merit to buying pieces that will last you though the fads. Look for timeless shapes that suit your body type, and colours that highlight your skin tone. With a few good flattering pieces like this, you will always have something in your closet that you can walk out of the door feeling confident in.

Price Tag:

This is the really big one! How many times have you bought something because it’s so cheap, so why not? Or you see a sale item and are convinced you can’t miss this great deal? These are the items that end up sitting unworn in our closets. Items that we didn’t necessarily love when we bought them, but bought anyway simply because we could. So don’t let a cheap price tag fool you... Instead, be selective in what you spend your money on, and fill your closet with things you love, and will actually wear!

At the end of the day, we all know that we happily wear our favourites over and over again. So take time and consideration to create a closet that’s filled with favourites, and you can stop feeling like you have nothing to wear!