The Campaign for Wool: Five Reasons Why We Love It

The Campaign for Wool: Five Reasons Why We Love It

Is Wool worth campaigning for? His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales seems to think so! Prince Charles is the global patron for ‘The Campaign for Wool’, and is currently championing to stop using plastic-based fabrics, and switch back to good old fashioned, natural British wool.

So now that we know wool has the royal stamp of approval, what’s so great about it?

1. It's Natural and Biodegradable

This is a big one. Wool is a 100% natural protein fibre created by sheep. This means that wool requires little human processing to manufacture, and will naturally decompose back into the earth, unlike plastic-based materials that can sit in landfills for centuries.

2. It's Renewable

Sheep can be sustainably reared, and their fleece can be harvested every year in a humane, and safe manner. Compared to water thirsty cotton, or plastic-based clothing, wool offers a continuous source of sustainable fibre.

3. It's Breathable and Keeps Us Toasty Warm 

Wool is a hygroscopic fibre meaning that it absorbs moisture, both from the air and your skin. (It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet!) This not only keeps you feeling dry, but acts as a natural insulator keeping you toasty warm. At the same time, wool fibres are crimpled, forming tons of tiny little air pockets helping to create a nice, breathable material.

4. It's Odour Resistant and Low Maintenance

Wool is odour resistant, and requires far less washing than other fabrics. Since wool absorbs sweat and then releases it back into the air, bacteria has little time to develop and produce odour. When you are done wearing your wool, simply leave it to breathe in some fresh air, and it will be good to go for your next wear!   

5. It's Durable, Stain-Resistant, and Will Last!

Wool is a strong and durable material that can handle significant wear and tear. While the interior structure of the fibre absorbs moisture, the exterior has a waxy coating that helps to make wool strong and stain-resistant as minor spills simply roll-off.

Simply put, ethically-sourced wool is a sustainable, low-maintenance natural fibre perfect for those colder months!