London Fashion Week 2019

Sustainability-Savvy Fashionistas Put Brands Under the Microscope at London Fashion Week 2019

The message is loud and clear: London Fashion Week goers want to see greater efforts towards sustainability in the fashion industry – and they want it to be authentic. According to conversations that we had with London Fashion Week attendees, this change can't come soon enough. 75% of the people we spoke to want to see more fashion labels genuinely commit to reducing their negative environmental impact in 2019.

One impassioned attendee told MAMOQ she “would love to see a day when we’re not actually talking about sustainable fashion, it’s just fashion and that’s just what we do. [We’re always saying] we’re striving towards people not being crap to the world. Why can’t we just not be crap to the world?”

However, these fashionistas are not just environmentally clued up, they are also marketing-savvy. Being quick to call out brands that are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon without any real commitment to genuine change. Many championed the notion that sustainability should be central to brands’ strategy, but they want it to be an authentic transition, not simply a marketing ploy.

“Don’t be worthy for worthy’s sake. If you don’t embody it, embrace it, know it, want to be it, then don’t bother.” - London Fashion Week attendee demanding authenticity in the brands she supports.

Attendees also felt that campaigns such as H&M Conscious and Adidas Parley are a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough. Several suggested that they were merely marketing tactics to give an outward appearance of sustainability with significantly less substance below the surface.

There was a clear message that consumers want genuine change and not just “caring for caring’s sake”. They added that if brands like Stella McCartney and MAMOQ can do it, why can’t other big brands?