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Special Gifts For Mum - Perfect For Any Season

Looking for a special gift for mum? We’ve got you covered! We know that there is nothing better than the excitement of giving a really great gift. And no one deserves that more than your very own mother! Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your mum, birthday present, or just a little special gift for her, we’ve curated a few of our favourites. The best part is, each of these unique gifts has a lovey story behind it. So forget the last minute, meaningless buys and find the perfect gift for mum to show her you care!  

The Gift For Mum Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Vegan Scented Candles - Perfect Gifts For Mum

A gorgeous scented candle always makes a wonderful gift. This all-natural candle has a deep, earthy scent from natural botanical extracts of Verivert and Cedarwood blended with fresh Eucalyptus. The eco-friendly rapeseed oil candle is hand-poured in Suffolk, England, and with every candle sold, a portion of profits is donated to Women for Women supporting women of war-torn countries.  Arya Candles is run by mother and daughter duo Jenna and Lina, adding another layer of meaning behind this luxuriously scented candle.

The Gift For Mum Who Has Everything

Sustainable Handbag Mini Moon - Ms Bay - MAMOQ

Looking for an unusual and unique gift to give to your mom that she won’t have seen already? How about this chic Mini Moon bag that can be worn with just about anything. The twist? The bag is made from eco-friendly fish leather that provides the same durable, lasting qualities as traditional leather, however with much less environmental impact. In fact, the materials used are considered waste products from sustainable fisheries in Northern Europe. Chic, sustainable, and certainly something a little different for a mum who has everything.

The Gift For Mum Who Loves Animals

Vegan Watch - Perfect Gifts For Mum - MAMOQ

This vegan watch is the perfect cruelty-free gift for your stylish mum. This sleek, classic design comes in a variety of colours but we love the neutral colour palette of the Tan & Gold Petite watch. Plus, with every purchase, 10% is donated to charities supporting animal welfare. Past charities include Love Always Animal Sanctuary, Folly Wildlife Rescue, and the Sumatran Orangutan Society. A beautiful gift for any animal lover.

The Gift For Mum Who is a True Eco-Warrior

Zero Waste Christmas Gift Set - MAMOQ

This is a great gift for someone looking to embrace a zero-waste life. The eco-friendly bundle comes with a rustic waterproof rucksack, a handy pure copper reusable water bottle and natural bamboo straws.  When you buy this, 10% will also be donated to the Marine Conservation Society to help protect our Earth’s waterways and keep our oceans plastic-free.

The Gift For Mum Who Could Use Some Relaxation

Organic Silk Eyemask - Perfect Gifts For Mum - MAMOQ

Every mum deserves a little relaxation, so treat her with one of these luxuriously soft silk and merino wool eyemask.  This eye mask is handcrafted in the UK and comes with a lovely organic muslin drawstring bag.  10% of this purchase will be donated to charities supporting women such as Lend With Care which provides micro-finance loans to women in developing countries.  This eyemask carries a beautiful story behind it and is an indulgent but useful gift for any mum in need of a little quiet.

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We hope you love these gifts for Mum as much as we do. And this is just a selection of some of our favourite gifts.

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