Our Top 5 Sustainable Athleisure Looks-MAMOQ

Our Top 5 Sustainable Athleisure Looks:

Whether you’re a workout beast or prefer to spend your free hours in a more supine position, sustainable athleisure is probably an important part of your wardrobe. Maybe it’s apparel you put to run a marathon. If so, we salute you. Maybe it’s apparel you put on to walk down to Tesco. If so, we identify with you. Whatever your athleisure agenda, the growing sunshine hours means you’re probably relying on your athleisure more and more (either for your afternoon runs or your romantic walks to the supermarket).

So, if you’re looking for inspiration to add to your sustainable athleisure collection, here are our top 5 picks:

Riley Studio MBR Leggings:

MBR Leggings-Riley Studio-MAMOQRiley Studio MBR Leggings - (£60)

Mending Broken Relationships? Making Badass Ramen? Meeting a Bashful Rhinoceros? We think all of the above are possible in Riley Studio’s MBR Leggings (£60), an integral part of any sustainable athleisure wardrobe. What does MBR actually stand for then? Made By Riley. While you may think this acronym is less exciting than the ramen and the rhinos, we disagree. The MBR trademark means that these leggings are made from would-be landfill waste. Specifically, they’re constructed with Econyl® fibre which is made of reclaimed nylon waste from landfills and oceans. If nylon waste can become awesome pants, anything is possible. You may even come across some badass ramen and bashful rhinos. Who knows? What we can promise is you’ll be comfortable and look hot doing it in these MBR leggings.

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NITARA High Neck Flock Sports Bra:

High Neck Bra Flock-NITARA-MAMOQNITARA High Neck Flock Bra - (£65)

No sustainable athleisure collection is complete without the perfect sports bra. The sleek NITARA High Neck Flock Sports Bra flatters all body types and skin tones. And, much like customer service phone lines, it’s there to give you all the support you need. The aesthetic crisscross back will even make you consider becoming one of those people at the gym who doesn’t wear a top over their sports bras. If you make this decision, we (like this bra) support you. Speaking of support, you’ll also be supporting the environment with your purchase of this bra. NITARA is committed to lowering its environmental impact through the use of upcycled materials. The lock bra is made ethically in the UK from 86% recycled plastic bottles.

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RubyMoon Graciela MultiSports Shorts:

Graciela Multi Sports Shorts-RubyMoon-MAMOQRubyMoon Graciela Multisport Shorts - (£49)

Sustainability is all about versatility — having one product that serves multiple functions in your wardrobe. Nothing is more versatile than RubyMoon’s “Gym to Swim” collection. Their mission is to make sustainable athleisure products suited for all sports (on land and at sea). These MultiSports Shorts (£49) will take you through your morning hot yoga, lunchtime run, or late-night boxing class. They’ll also let you cool off in the pool after your workout. That’s right — finally there’s a product that gives you the land/water capabilities of a duck. Of course, in these mini shorts, you’ll look much cuter than a duck.

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League Collective Multi-Purpose Blue Sports Bra:

Multi-Purpose Blue Sports Bra-League Collective-MAMOQMulti-Purpose Blue Sports Bra - (£55)

If only your shorts are multi-purpose is your outfit really versatile? Luckily you need not ponder this quasi-existential question as League Collective's sports bra will complete your multi-talented outfit. Their ultra soft medium support sports bra has specially placed stitching for extra comfort when running or cycling. Plus, it’s super breathable for when you’re going the distance. Better yet, it doesn’t have any metal or plastic hooks or catches, allowing for optimum movement during Yoga or pretty much anything else that takes your fancy. Because not only is it super sporty, its bold geometric shapes mixed with soft florals will turn heads wherever you head. And to really sweeten the deal, it’s also made ethically in the UK from recycled materials. What’s not to love?

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The Salvage Zebralove Leggings:

Zebralove Leggings-The Salvage-MAMOQThe Salvage Zebralove Leggings (£69.50)

As far as safari animals are concerned, we believe zebras are under-appreciated. They weren’t given any speaking lines in The Lion King, and honestly, we think that’s a greater tragedy than Mufasa’s death. So, for our final sustainable athleisure pick, we had to keep it a little whimsical with these amazing Zebralove leggings (£69.50). Zebras are great. They’re basically horses that aren’t afraid to take fashion risks. And if you aren’t afraid of fashion risks either, then you probably need these zebralove leggings. Because the only thing better than zebras, is zebra love. While you sport the zebra pattern on your lower half, you’ll also be showing your own zebralove for the environment: these leggings are made of 80% Recycled PET from Recycled Plastic Bottles. So, if you’re bored of the same old sustainable athleisure styles, let us share some zebralove with you. #AllYouNeedisZebraLove #CanYouFeelTheZebraLoveTonight

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Final Thoughts…

Riley Studios is transforming nylon waste from landfills and oceans into awesome workout leggings (£60). If landfill waste can become leggings, then anything is possible. And if you want to take that mentality into your next workout, then these are the leggings for you. When you reach that last mile or go to lift that heaviest weight, just remember, if nylon waste can become one of the hottest new sustainable athleisure looks, you can become anything you want. In other words, you'll not only feel comfortable and capable in Riley Studio's MBR Leggings, you'll also feel inspired. These leggings transformed themselves, and so can you.

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