Our Favourite Bamboo, Hemp and Wooden Sunglasses

Our Favourite Bamboo, Hemp and Wooden Sunglasses

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that aren't made out of plastic? Check out these unique frames made from sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, and even hemp! 

1.Tawny Large or Small by Bird Sunglasses

Bird Sunglasses - Tawny, £115

Bird Sunglasses - Tawny, £115

We love these ethical sunglasses from Bird Sunglasses because of their slightly round modern shape. Plus they offer the same style in a large size and a small size so you can find the perfect fit. They have charcoal polarised lenses, 100% UVA protection and come in a lovely handmade case made of eco-friendly cork.

Instead of using plastic, Bird Sunglasses uses a variety of different materials including sustainably-sourced wood and bamboo along with durable aluminium cores. These ones have a cotton-based acetate frame and sandalwood temples with acetate tips. With every pair sold, Bird Sunglasses donates a solar light to communities across Africa through their partnership with SolarAid

2. Lotus by Hemp Eyewear

Lotus by Hemp Eyewear
 Hemp Eyewear - Lotus, £285

Hemp is the new black! These ethical sunglasses from Hemp Eyewear are made out of one of the most eco-friendly crops in the world! Hemp is a particularly versatile crop and produces one of the strongest, and most durable natural soft-fibres on earth.  It is also extremely resistant and can grow almost anywhere without the use of pesticides, and requires roughly half of the amount of land and water that is needed to grow a similar yield of cotton. These hemp sunglasses are unisex, have titanium nose pads for increased comfort and fit, and polarised lenses that provide high UV protection. These unique, eco-friendly frames are crafted locally in the UK in Edinburgh, Scotland.

3.Wren by Bird Sunglasses

Wren by Bird Sunglasses
Bird Sunglasses - WREN, £110 on sale for £85

Look at these beauties! These wooden sunglasses, also from Bird Sunglasses, are made of a mixture of zebrawood and sandalwood, along with a sturdy aluminium core. They have a classic shape that won’t date, but the striped wooden frames give it a unique personal touch. You can choose between amber or charcoal polarised lenses that both offer 100% UVA protection. Like the Tawny frames, they come in a handmade eco-cork case and a solar light will be donated with every purchase. 

4.Knight Black by SideRoot

Knight Black by SideRoot

SideRoot - Knight Black, £140

These wooden sunglasses made by SideRoot come in a sporty square design with black maple wood on the outside frame and durable walnut wood on the inside. They are extremely lightweight, unisex and have polaroid lenses. Every pair comes with a kraft paper folding case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a tub of homemade beeswax to keep your frames smooth!  

All wood used by SideRoot is sourced from FSC certified suppliers ensuring sustainable forestry. Additionally, SideRoot frames are painted using natural plant-based extracts which eliminates the need for toxic dyes and water-intensive dying processes. 

5.Blackcap by Bird Sunglasses

Blackcap by Bird Sunglasses

Bird Sunglasses - Blackcap, £140[/caption]

Last but not least from Bird Sunglasses, we absolutely love the Blackcap frames.  The two-toned frames are funky and unique and definitely make a statement.  They are made of a mixture of sustainable bamboo, beechwood and sandalwood, along with an aluminium core. These gorgeous wood and bamboo sunglasses come in a lovely handmade leather case, and don’t forget with every pair sold, Bird Sunglasses donates a solar light to communities across Africa!