Our 2018 Resolutions

With 2017 in the rear view mirror, we are excited to learn from our past and embrace the year ahead. Want to know what we are planning for 2018? Check out our top 5 resolutions for the year, and see how you can join us!

1. Evaluate our Consumption Habits – From food to fashion and everything in between

The short story is that we simply need to consume less. Less plastic, less packaging, less energy, less meat, less disposable fashion. However, the first step in being able to take control and modify our habits is understanding exactly what and how we consume in the first place. We are monitoring our consumption, and actively taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint as a company, and as individuals. We are evaluating our supply chains, assessing office culture, and committing to simple individual efforts such as remembering to bring reusable coffee cups, refillable water bottles, and cloth shopping bags to limit our waste.

2. Create Dialogue around Ethics in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is often accused of shocking behaviour including the perseverance of inhumane working conditions, the illegal use of slave labour, and the mismanagement of industry waste leading to widespread environmental pollution. What’s even more shocking is that the fashion industry seems to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for this behaviour. We believe that the fashion industry should be held accountable for their actions, and think that creating global dialogue is paramount to creating change.

3. Grow our Community of Purpose-Led Fashion Brands

We want to put our money where our mouth is, and prove that the fashion industry doesn’t have to compromise on ethics to succeed. We are proud to work with over twenty different incredible, style-forward brands that all share a commitment to creating positive change in the fashion industry. We will continue to grow this community and hope to inspire a revolution in the fashion industry that values our planet, and its people. 

4. Vote with our Wallet

2018 is the year to have our voices heard. And what often speaks the loudest? Money. That is why we are vowing to ‘vote with our wallets’, and only buy from companies that we are proud to support. By being selective in who we support, we can help change industry standards from the bottom up. Join us!

5. Live with Consideration 

This seems simple enough, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder to live with consideration.  Consideration for ourselves, for others, for our earth, and the plants & animals that call it home.  Spread kindness in 2018.