Make Your Bathroom Plastic Free with These Easy Tips!

Make Your Bathroom Plastic Free with These Easy Tips!

There is plastic everywhere. The ocean, our food, our clothes. It's even in our bathroom!

Yes, that's right. There is a ton of plastic lurking in our bathrooms and we aren't happy about it.  Despite, so much conversation on ditching single-use plastics, we never really talk about the single-use plastics in our bathroom.  So if you are looking to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life, don't forget your bathroom! Here are some easy tips to start you on your plastic-free journey.

Looking to flush your plastic waste down the drain (don't literally do that - it's bad for the ocean!)? Here are some simple tips on how to make your bathroom plastic-free!

Say Goodbye to Plastic Waste Gradually and Remember to Recycle!

Anyone jumping headfirst into sustainability inspires us - but the "all or nothing" mentality isn't always the most realistic route. There are some products that are really hard to find plastic-free, and when it comes to medication we often have no choice but to use plastic. However, try to remember to actually recycle your bathroom plastics! Only about 50% of plastic packaging in bathrooms tend to get recycled properly, if at all! Remembering to empty out and properly recycling your bathroom plastics is an easy, first step towards reducing your bathroom plastic waste.

Ditch The Packaging

A lot of shower essentials come in clunky plastic packaging that isn't necessary and often leads to product waste. We suggest trying a soap or shampoo bar alternative - not only do they not have any plastic packaging but they are also affordable! Friendly Soap is our go-to for soap and shampoo bars. Not only do they help make your bathroom plastic-free, but they are also natural, plant-based soaps handmade right here in the UK!

Wash Your Makeup Away Plastic Free

Makeup remover wipes are single-use products that come in plastic packaging. Instead, you can opt for using a cleansing bar and face towel to wash your makeup off. This is a simple swap that will get you closer to making your bathroom plastic-free!

Find Your Perfect Plastic-Free Alternative

There is no need to go cold-turkey and throw away all your bathroom essentials. If you love something - keep it. But, once it is finished, then how about trying a sustainable alternative! With industry innovations and plastic waste awareness rising, there is an abundance of alternatives on the market that perform just as well (if not better) than their plastic competitors.

Switch out your normal plastic toothbrush for a beechwood handle toothbrush. Get rid of plastic-packaged mouthwash for natural, non-toxic mouthwash tablets. Simple swaps will get you on the road to making your bathroom plastic-free!