Kipepeo Spreads Its Impact To Kenya

In celebration of their 10th birthday, Kipepeo (‘butterfly’ in Kiswahili) is spreading its wings and making flight towards Kenya this autumn.

The clothing brand, best known for the charming hand-drawn motifs that decorate their range, has been operating in Tanzania for nearly a decade and now wants to expand their positive impact to neighbouring Kenya.

Kipepeo Organic Tees

How does Kipepeo make a Positive Impact?

Kipepeo has been working in Tanzania for nearly 10 years with the goal of creating local jobs, and supporting education.

Kipepeo is able to create local jobs by producing their range of organic clothing locally in Tanzania, partnering with local farmers, manufacturers and factories that share their values.

They also donate a portion of their proceeds to support local schools and education. You may have guessed that the hand-drawn designs of the Kipepeo collection are youthful, and that is exactly right! They are made by local Tanzanian school children during lessons and then transformed onto GOTS certified organic cotton T-Shirts. The funds raised through the sale of Kipepeo t-shirts help to fund new school classrooms, computers and equipment and other educational initiatives, bringing the Kipepeo positive impact full circle

Social Impact Clothing
Young Child from The Songa Mbele Na Masomo in Kenya

What will they do in Kenya?

Based on their success in Tanzania, Kipepeo will bring the same business model to Kenya. In addition to finding local production partners, they have partnered with The Songa Mbele Na Masomo (Progress through Education) Children Center in Kenya, a day care center for children and adolescents with special needs from the Mukuru slums in Nairobi.

After a day trip to a safari park near Nairobi, the children captured their experiences in drawings of animals, tall buildings, bikes, buses and more. These drawings have been memorialised in the latest Kipepeo Collection (to be released later this fall!). Just as all other collections, profits from the Kenya collection will be used to support schools in East Africa, as well as build a playground for The Songa Mbele Na Masomo.

How Can I get Involved?

There are many ways you can support Kipepeo as they work to expand in Kenya. You can simply follow along on their journey as founder, Martin Kluck, hitchhikes from Germany to Kenya to raise awareness of their project, tell your friends to do the same, pledge to their crowdfunding campaign, or simply become a spokesperson yourself by picking out your favourite Kipepeo tee, and wearing it with pride!