How to Build Your Perfect Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Create Your Perfect Minimalist Wardrobe

Looking to build your own minimalist wardrobe? Thanks to minimalist pioneers like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists, there has been a huge surge in popularity for minimalist living. In essence, the philosophy promotes doing more with less, and de-cluttering your life from things that no longer bring you joy.

Within the sustainable fashion movement, creating a minimalist wardrobe is considered a great way to develop a conscious closet and embrace the slow fashion philosophy.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be an expert to start creating your own curated closet. Follow these easy to steps to kick start your journey of building your perfect minimalist wardrobe.

1. Understand Your Current Wardrobe.

There is no set rule on how to create a minimalist wardrobe. The goal is to create a thoughtful closet that fits your unique style. Women in the UK spend 17 minutes choosing out what to wear in the morning, so make life easy for yourself by creating a wardrobe full of pieces that you will happily turn to over and over again. What fits your needs and your lifestyle? Do you want a small capsule collection of just 30 pieces? Or are you simply looking to declutter, and embrace a more minimalist philosophy a la Marie Kondo?

2. Develop Your Own Sense of Style.

A great way to fight fast fashion is to develop your own sense of style that can transcend fleeting seasonal trends and passing fads. If you don’t have a good idea of what your individual style is, think about what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Do you often turn to similar shapes and silhouettes? Do you have a vision or aesthetic that you are trying to achieve with your wardrobe? It is useful to think about which colour palettes you may want to develop, but a minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to be plain so don’t be scared to integrate patterns or unique elements.

3. Clean Out Your Closet.

To create your own curated wardrobe, you will first have to take an audit of what you already have. We recommend taking everything out of your closet so you can sort each item and select those you wish to keep in your new conscious wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in years and it doesn’t have any sentimental value, then this is time to say goodbye. Think about what fits your style and vision, and cleanse what doesn’t. Give a new life to your unwanted clothes by donating, selling or swapping with a friend. For those items that can’t be loved again try upcycling the garment into something new, recycling it, or simply use as a rag. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you choose to keep clothing from brands that aren’t considered ethical fashion labels. They are already in your closet, so probably the most sustainable option of all.

4. Care for Your Clothing. 

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about buying from ethical and sustainable labels, it’s about taking care of what you already have. 30% of the carbon footprint of our closet is a result of how we care for our garments. Extend the life of your wardrobe by taking care of your garments, washing on low temperatures, and hang drying. Not only will this reduce the eco-footprint of washing, it will help your clothes last longer.

5. Organise Your Minimalist Wardrobe.

After systematically cleaning out your closet, organise it. If you keep a messy closet, some pieces will inevitably get lost in the back and forgotten. By organising your closet, you will be able to fully see all of your options, and better rotate through your wardrobe. By organising all of the pieces you are keeping in your new wardrobe, you will also see what areas you could further reduce, and what areas you are lacking in.

6. Build a Conscious Collection 

Once you have created the foundation of your new minimalist wardrobe, you should have a good idea of your style, what items you already own that fit this vision. Then there may be one or two pieces you want to add to round out your wardrobe. For instance, an everyday winter coat like this modular design, or spin on the day-to-night classic black dress. Embrace the slow fashion philosophy, and only add pieces that you will truly love and wear.

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