Five Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh While on Holiday

Five Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh While on Holiday

It’s your first night of the holiday, and you whip out that fabulous dress you’ve been saving for just this very night.  Much to your horror, the dress is so wrinkled that it looks like it has travelled through a tornado just to join you on holiday.  In this situation, what do you do?  Put it on and hope for the best?  Perhaps people will think ‘wrinkled’ was your intended style statement and you can lead the new trend.  However, if you aren’t keen on creating any new statements, here are some quick tips to keep your clothes looking fresh while you are away!

1. Pack Your Suitcase with Care

A perfectly packed suitcase is something of an art in our books.  The thought of simply throwing all of your clothing in the case and zipping it shut gives us shudders- and not the good kind.  If you want your clothes to be wrinkle-free when you arrive, then take the time to pack them with care. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a great trick to prevent creases or lines.  This is also a very space-efficient technique, meaning you may have room to pack in a few extra goodies.

2. Hang Your Clothes as Soon as You Get There

Are you one of those people who never unpack their suitcases while on holiday? Then no wonder your clothes are wrinkled and smelling a bit stale! Leaving your clothes in a heap in your suitcase is not the best to keep them fresh. Make sure to unpack your suitcase so that your clothes can have some space to breathe! 

3. Keep it Fresh

If you will be on the move while traveling, bring a few small garment bags to separate your clothes. Use a small one to protect your delicates and another for dirty clothes. This prevents your dirty clothes from soiling your clean ones, and makes for easy unpacking when you get home.  You can also pop your shoes into garment bags to keep the dirty soles off your clean clothes. This simple trick can really work wonders keeping your suitcase fresh and clean. And for an extra boost of freshness, put a small bag of lavender into your case!

4. Be Prepared to Wash

Filling up a travel size container with some natural clothing detergent is a great tip for any traveller.  Whether you are hiking through mud, or lying on the beach, you never know when you will need to quickly wash out a stain. If you have your own detergent, you can simply wash your garments by hand in the sink, and hang them up to dry.  

5. Steam Out the Wrinkles

While some materials (think semi-synthetics like Lyocell) are less likely to crease, most natural fibres will wrinkle. If you don’t have an iron or a steamer, try hanging up your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower. The shower creates hot steam, and this can help the wrinkles fall out of your garment. While this isn’t the world’s most effective way of getting out wrinkles, it can certainly do the trick!