Easy Tips for Reducing Food Waste

In the UK, household food waste accounts for 70% of waste after it leaves the farm. While supermarkets and retailers should all work to reduce what they throw away, let’s look at the main culprits -us humans!

Estimates suggest we throw away a whopping 7.3 million tonnes of food every year. This could fill 8,800 Olympic sized swimming pool and has an estimated value of over £13 billion.Yes, billion.

While it seems we are keen on throwing away food *and money*, over 815 million people suffer from hunger and undernourishment around the world.

In honor of World Food Day this week, we created a few friendly tips to help us tackle food waste and promote more sustainable consumption.

Think Before You Buy

Like with everything in life, think before you buy. Take time to prepare for your grocery list and be realistic about how much you intend to cook or eat out. Plan your meals ahead for the week, jot down a list, and buy what you need.

Avoid Buying Food When Ravenous

This is really great advice for avoiding impulse purchases and over-buying. When ravenous, it’s easy to think that you need more than you really do.

The same advice rings true for ordering food at a restaurant.

Don’t Cook for An Army…Unless You’re Feeding an Army

Get familiar with serving sizes and cook with these in mind to avoid huge amounts of leftovers.

Save *and actually eat* Your Leftovers

We know that leftovers can lose their appeal quickly, so get creative and see how you can re-imagine boring leftovers. Can you throw them in an omelette for a nice breakfast? Or make a stir-fry with the leftover veg?

Keep A Tidy Kitchen

Keep a tidy kitchen so you know what food you already have. This will help you keep track of what needs to be eaten, and what ingredients you already have. (Pro tip: follow the “FIFO” philosophy of “first in, first out” when it comes to eating what’s in your fridge).

Keep Track of What You Throw Away

If you end up having to throw food away, make a note of it. Was it leftovers? Produce that went bad? Getting familiar with your current behaviour will help you break bad habits.