Best Zero Waste Shops to Visit in London

Best Zero Waste Shops In London

If you're the type of person to make a grocery list before heading to the shops - good for you. Even with a planned out list, though, you usually end up coming home with a few unexpected items. Maybe your favourite ice cream was on sale. Or you were having a really rough week at work and that bottle of wine was calling your name. We've all been there.

But upon the list of unexpected items to make their way to into your cart, plastic was probably last on your list.

The abundance of plastic packaging in food shops is overwhelming. It is estimated that British supermarkets produce nearly 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste in a year. Aubergine and cucumbers are wrapped in single-use clingfilm despite having a washable, protective skin already. Potatoes are sealed in plastic bags that are non-reusable even though the vegetable skin can be washed or peeled.

Plastic waste is becoming out-of-control, however, there is a solution. Ditch your normal Sainsbury's and head to a local zero waste shop near you! Zero waste shops have been popping up all over the UK with the mission to make shopping plastic-free easier for the everyday person. Gone are the days of having to spend ten minutes unwrapping all of your groceries before you can even put them away. Zero waste shops are the future of sustainable grocery shopping.

Want to go on a Plastic Free July adventure? Grab your trusty mason jar and head to a zero waste shop near you!

Central London

Unpackaged - Nr. Goodge Street

Unpackaged is a zero-waste section located in your local Planet Organic. Unpackaged makes it easy to shop plastic free - all you need is your own container and some self-control to not overfill it with goodies. Even if you don't have a reusable container lying around, Unpackaged sells reusable containers at their locations for a reasonable price. With 70+ organic wholefood options to chose from (and even some eco-cleaners!), it'll be hard to control yourself in there.

North London

Harmless Store - Wood Green

If you want to sip a beer on the game bus while you wait for your plastic free groceries to be prepared for you than Harmless Store is the place for you! Harmless Store is not only plastic free but also a vegan based shop offering up a number of yummy vegan alternatives. Everything stocked at Harmless is sourced from socially and environmentally vetted producers so you can pick up your everyday essentials guilt free!

Unpackaged - Islington & Muswell Hill

Unpackaged also has two locations in North London in two separate Planet Organics offering a range of wholefoods, eco cleaners and more. We are impressed to see Planet Organic leading the way for zero waste shopping.

South London

Hetu - Clapham Junction

Hetu is vegan, zero waste shop that offers plant based foods in south London. This shop runs on the motto: if we can weigh it, you can fill it. This motto encourages shoppers to use things they already own to store their plastic free goods in, instead of buying new containers. Hetu will even let you take your plastic free groceries away in a pillow case if you want! And if you've searched your flat and can't find anything to use, don't worry! Hetu runs a donation jar station where shoppers can use free donated items left by past plastic free lovers!

Common Café - Clapham Common

Nestled in an iconic old pharmacy building overlooking Clapham Common is Common Café.  Common Café is a vegan-friendly café and bakery that offers a small zero waste shopping section to their customers. After having an Instagram worthy breakfast, head on over to their zero waste section and shop for all your plastic-free necessities!

The Source Bulk Foods - Battersea

If you like to have plenty of options when shopping, this is the place for you! The Source Bulk Foods offers 450 bulk food options to choose from, all plastic free! By shopping at The Source Bulk Foods, you are contributing to helping save 200,000 pieces of plastic packaging from production. And if food isn't what you are looking for, The Source Bulk Foods also offers sustainable personal and household products plastic free as well!

SWOP Market - Lee Green

SWOP Market is a zero waste shop that was started by two mums fed up with the over abundance of plastic in their families lives. When they started their plastic free journey, they realised it would be a lot more accessible if there was a local zero waste shop in their area which is how SWOP Market was born! All you need is your own container and you're set to start shopping.

BYO - Nunhead

Bring Your Own, or more commonly nicknamed BYO, is a zero waste shop focused on reducing the local community's environmental footprint. BYO offers a wide range of plastic free goodies, including our favourite Georganics range!

The Refill Larder - Teddington

The Refill Larder is a zero waste shop that not only sells plastic free food, but also plastic free swaps to help you on your Plastic Free July journey. If you don't have the time to take a trip out to this shop, no need to fret! Order online and have it shipped straight to you. Want to know our favourite part about this zero waste shop? They sell plastic free glitter! Most glitter is made of plastic, so eco-glitter is a great biodegradable alternative! The next time you're getting ready for festival season, we recommend stopping by The Refill Larder for some glitter!

East London

Bulk Market - Hackney

Bulk Market was born with a need to make shopping plastic free easier. Co-founders Ingrid and Bruna believe that businesses should make it easier for consumers to make the right choice - so say goodbye to plastic and get shopping zero waste! Bulk Market is a lot more than just a plastic free shop, though. Bulk Market encourages their customers to bring in their kitchen scraps to feed their composter to help enrich soil and fight against food waste! And if food isn't your thing (we don't know how it wouldn't be!), don't worry - you can hang by the DIY zero waste beauty bar. Bulk Market is the first destination in the UK with a zero waste beauty bar. Fill your reusable container up with cosmetic butters, essential oils, and dried flower petals to make your perfect beauty routine!

Get Loose - Hackney

Get Loose is a social enterprise committed to getting rid of plastic waste. If you don't have a reusable container lying around Get Loose has repurposed containers for purchase to fill with their organic pasta, fruits, grains, and more!

Cups and Jars - Forest Gate

Cups and Jars is a two-for-one deal - a café and a bulk food shop. They have a wide range of colourful, fresh produce available as well as zero-waste staples such as nuts and grains. If you fancy a drink you can even go home with some of their delicious natural wine. And if you can't wait until you get home, treat yourself to a snack at the café with some of their delicious food!

Re.Store - Hackney

Re.Store is a zero waste shop that focuses on stocking their walls with locally sourced essentials. If you take a trip here you can fill your container with coffee beans roasted a couple of miles away - talk about fresh! Along with an assortment of locally sourced goodies, Re.Store also sells sustainable lifestyle items and plastic free swaps.

West London

The Source Bulk Foods - Chiswick

Like its sister store in south London, the west London location of The Source Bulk Foods offers 450 bulk food options to choose from! The Source Bulk Foods also provides sustainable personal and household products available plastic free.

Unpackaged - Westbourne Grove

The Westbourne Grove Planet Organic has a zero-waste Unpackaged section for all your plastic free shopping. With multiple locations and 70+ organic wholefood options, Unpackaged makes it easy to shop plastic free. We are looking forward to seeing Unpackaged featured in more Planet Organic locations. Accessible zero waste shops is the future of sustainable shopping!