Are You A Fashion Revolutionary? Take the Quiz and Find out!

Are You A Fashion Revolutionary? Take the Quiz and Find out!

Fashion Revolution is a global movement and metaphorical call to arms for a ‘fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry’. They are the minds behind the successful ‘Who Made My Clothes’ Campaign and the organisers of the globally celebrated Fashion Revolution Week.

The spirit of Fashion Revolution is rooted in raising awareness of the current unsustainable practices of the fashion industry while demanding greater transparency and accountability from the brands we support.

On Saturday, April 28th, Mamoq joined dozens of independent ethical fashion labels, industry experts and hundreds of visitors at the Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution Event in London.

At the event, we decided to put our knowledge to the test by coming up with a little game. We created a grid of 16 questions and challenged event-goers to see how many questions they could get right. Much like bingo, if they were able to connect four across the board, they were entered into our Fashion Revolutionary Giveaway (winner announced today!).

Are You A Fashion Revolutionary? Take the Quiz and Find out! MAMOQ

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to play in person, how many do you think you can get right? Give it a go!


  1. In what country was the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse that killed an estimated 1,138 garment workers?

  2. True or False: In the global garment industry approximately 80% of garment workers are women.

  3. In a Fashion Revolution poll of 219 fashion brands, what percentage could accurately trace where their garments are cut and sewn?

  4. What does the acronym GOTS stand for?

  5. True or False: Clothing manufacturing and sales is the fourth largest pressure on UK natural resources.

  6. True or False: Just under 1 million people engaged with Fashion Revolution Week events in 2017.

  7. What is Polyester made out of?

  8. True or False:In 2016, UK shoppers bought less clothing than they did in 2012.

  9. True or False: Nearly 50% of UK residents suffer from ‘Wardrobe Rage’ (Difficulty choosing an outfit which results in anger towards one’s closet).

  10. What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

  11. Who said the iconic quote: "Buy less, Choose Well, Make It Last” ?

  12. Without looking: What brand makes your shirt, where is it produced, and what material is it made out of?

  13. What is Greenwashing?

  14. Why is transparency so important in the fashion industry?

  15. True or False: Globally, it is estimated that we make 400 billion meters2 of textiles annually.

  16. Can you name three countries out of the top five global cotton producers?



  1. Bangladesh (Dhaka). In addition to the lives lost in the factory collapse, over 2,500 people were injured despite warning signs that the factory foundation was unstable and cracked.
  2. True! In the global garment industry approximately 80% of garment workers are women aged 18-35.
  3. Only 50% of brands surveyed by Fashion Revolution could accurately trace where their products were cut and sewn! 75% did not know the source of their fabrics, and a whopping 91% could not tell you the country of origin for the cotton used in their garments.
  4. Global Organic Textile Standard! GOTS is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres that takes into account both ecological and social criteria.
  5. True! According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) clothing manufacturing and sales is the fourth largest pressure on UK natural resources, only coming behind housing, transport, and food.
  6. False! Fashion Revolution estimates roughly 2 million people participated in Fashion Revolution Week events from around the world in 2017.
  7. Plastic! It is estimated that it will take a polyester dress over 200 years to naturally decompose, while denim (made of cotton) takes roughly one year.
  8. False! According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) shoppers bought an extra 200,000 tonnes of clothing in 2016 compared to 2012. That is the weight of 20 Eiffel Towers!
  9. True! According to a study conducted by OXFAM, it is estimated that 49% of the nation suffer from 'wardrobe rage' - irrational tantrums directed at closets when choosing an outfit.*why do you think this is…?
  10. First coined by Susie Faux, a capsule wardrobe refers to a small wardrobe filled with a few essential items of clothing that are timeless and won’t go out of style.
  11. Dame Vivienne Westwood.
  12. The message? Empowered shoppers know about their clothes. Check the labels before you buy!
  13. Greenwashing is a term used to describe companies who advertise as being more eco-friendly than they really are. Watch out!
  14. Without transparency, there is no accountability. And without accountability, there is no change!
  15. True. According to Greenpeace, it is also estimated that 60 billion meters2 of that ends up as cutting room floor waste.
  16. 1. China 2. India 3. USA 4. Pakistan 5. Brazil *However according to Textile Exchange, the top global producers of organic cotton are: India (66.9%), China (11.69%), and Turkey (6.49%)