6 Super Brands Working with Organic Fabric

6 Super Brands Working with Organic Fabric

Why is organic fabric better than conventional fabric? Is it really worth buying an organic cotton shirt when it’s more expensive? And what in the world are GOTS and Oeko-Tex? Buckle up, conscious consumer, we’re about to drop some knowledge.

Organic fabric is better because it doesn’t have all those nasty toxins and pesticides that go into conventional production. They’re super harmful to the environment during fabric production. Then they seep back into the seas and pollute our water when our clothes go into the washing machine. Not the dream. Organic fabric is produced with much less environmental pollution. So yes, yes it’s worth it to spring for the organic cotton shirt.

GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard. In order to become GOTS certified, the entire supply chain of a fabric (from harvest to manufacturing) must be verified as organic. Oeko-Tex is another certification body. Specifically, the Oeko-Tex stamp means that no harmful chemical residue is left in the final product. When you see either of these certifications, you know you’re looking at a natural, organic and environmentally positive product.

At our Positive Popup this week, we’re celebrating fashion brands that exude positivity. Brands that are empowering their workers, promoting charitable missions, and of course, that are committed to organic fabrics. Working with everything from organic cotton to bamboo….

Here are six amazing brands working with organic fabric & other materials:


COR Clothing

Cor is the Latin word for heart. And you can tell that Cor founder, Jaz Hunt truly put her heart and soul into these designs. Cor is also the Portuguese word for colour. And these designs are literally bursting with bold colours. But in the lingo of the sustainable fashion industry, Cor is synonymous with a commitment to the environment. Cor’s designs, inspired by the artists’ palette, are all made with high-quality natural materials. All the cotton items in the collection are organic cotton. Plus, Cor also uses other organic fabric, like linen. Cor is totally bringing the POP of colour element to our Positive Popup. Come check it out!



Komodo has been a pillar of the sustainable fashion world for over 30 years. In that time, they’ve encouraged their Nepali knit factory to switch to solar power. They’ve worked on projects with the Tibet Relief Fund and The Sumatran Orangutan Society. And they’ve been a key member of the Ethical Fashion Forum. But perhaps most importantly, they’ve remained conscious about the fabrics they’re working with. All the cotton they use is organic and GOTS certified. They also work with innovative eco-fabrics, like Tencel.


Tincture Cleaning Products

Okay, so we kind of lied in the title because Tincture doesn’t exactly use organic fabric. But they are still all about using organic materials. Tincture is part of our burgeoning sustainable living collection. They make natural non-toxic cleaning products. Because once you’ve extricated the toxins from your wardrobe, you don’t want them popping up in your hand wash. Tincture’s products rely on materials like ethically sourced essential oils, botanical extracts and active silver. Because the importance of sustainable materials does extend beyond your wardrobe.

Zola Amour

Zola Amour

Zola Amour is another brand showing the amour love for organic fabric. All their cotton is GOTS certified. But they’re also working with another fantastic organic fabric: Oeko-Tex certified bamboo. These are fabrics and looks you can really feel good about wearing. Our other favourite thing about Zola Amour is the fact that they handcraft all their items here in the UK. This cuts carbon emissions from transport. And it also ensures that all their organic looks are also ethically manufactured.

True Boxers

True Boxers Organic Materials

Boxers that are truly sustainable. Because our appreciation of organic fabric obviously extends to our undergarments. All True Boxers are made from the highest quality OEKO-Tex certified poplin cotton. You’ll love their cute and colourful designs. And you’ll love them even more when we tell you that even the dyes used are toxin-free. These boxers are designed with comfort and sustainability in mind, and organic fabric is a huge part of that.


Olly Organic Underwear

For the gals, we didn’t forget about your organic underwear needs. Olly lingerie is designed in Paris and handmade by seamstresses in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. But throughout their international journey, from design through production, Olly lingerie is making sure your intimates are toxin-free. They use GOTS certified organic cotton for the entire collection. And to jazz up your undergarment with colour, Olly use Okeo-Tex certified dyes. If you’re starting to think about making your wardrobe more organic, Olly lingerie is a great place to start.

You can find clothing from all these brands and more at our MAMOQ Positive Popup. Come by between May 23rd and June 2nd to browse some fabulous fashions made of totally organic fabric.