6 Spectacular Brands Committed to Reducing Waste

6 Spectacular Brands Committed to Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is a key item on the sustainable fashion agenda. Why? The fashion industry generates an insane amount of waste. According to the Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP) around £140 million worth of clothing ends up in the landfill every year. Of course, there are options beside sending that ugly top you regret buying directly into the trash. You can donate it to a charity shop. But the sad fact is, charity shops often end up with way too many donations to handle. Even they end up sending clothes to garbage island.

So the waste problem is really best solved at the design stage. How can we create garments that incorporate waste back into their designs? That's the question these amazing 6 brands are answering. They're making garments out of everything from old water bottles to old wood chips. Keeping waste out of landfills and turning it into high fashion.

Here are 6 brands with a commitment to reducing waste:


Rakha Reducing Waste

Rakha's chic line of clothing essentials are made from recycled and biodegradable fabrics. In addition to working with organic textiles, they also use repurposed textiles in many of their looks. They think about the entire lifecycle of a garment - including the fact that they want it to biodegrade (rather than contribute to waste) at the end of its life. But Rakha's also a great brand because they have a wholistic idea about how to reduce waste. That means they only work with manufacturing partners who share their values. Many of those partners are also reducing wastewater by using innovative water recycling and purification techniques. Because in addition to landfill waste, it's always important to think about water waste.


ANUKA Reducing Waste

ANUKA uses only Fairmined and recycled resources for its elegant jewellery collection. It's great to see discarded metals getting a second life as bangles and earrings. We also love the fact that all ANUKA jewellery is hand cast in the UK in Cheshire, England. This brand is clearly all about transparency. ANUKA are also taking their commitment to reduce waste in terms of their packaging. All their packaging is 100% recycled and printed using environmentally friendly plant-based inks. If you want a bracelet that's absolute glam and is saving the earth at the same time, ANUKA's your go-to brand.


Vildnis Reducing Waste

VILDNIS is a Scandinavian inspired brand with sustainability at its core. Every decision they make factors in the question of environmental waste. Their high-quality womenswear line uses a range of recycled fabrics. Lots of their looks are made of recycled PET from discarded plastic bottles. They also use Tencel, a sustainable fabric made from wood chips. VILDNIS is so passionate about reducing waste that they use carbon neutral couriers to transport their clothes. And, of course, their labels and packaging are made from recycled paper and polythene bags.

KIND Jewellery

Kind Jewellery Reducing Waste

KIND Jewellery is just the kind of jewellery you need. Tansy Haak designs and hand-makes each piece to reflect an appreciation of the natural world. In doing so, she also thinks seriously about what eco-friendly materials to use in her jewellery. Many of her pieces use recycled silver. But KIND Jewellery isn't just thinking about reducing waste; it's thinking about going zero waste. Tansy recycles all scrap metals and uses vegan, non-toxic polishes to finish her pieces. KIND Jewellery that's also kind to the environment.


Nitara Reducing Waste

NITARA makes amazing sustainable yoga wear. Because yoga is all about being in tune with the earth. So shouldn't your clothes have a positive relationship with the earth as well? These clothes definitely do. They're made of recycled PET. This keeps the plastic out of landfills and puts it right back through the circular economy. In fact, the NITARA signature fabric is 86% comprised of old plastic bottles. If yoga is about committing to a pure mind and a pure body, then these yoga clothes are also about committing to a pure earth.

BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps Reducing Waste

BeeBee Wraps are going head to head with one of the most wasteful products out there: plastic clingfilm. Clingfilm is your classic single-use plastic that goes straight to the landfills. BeeBee Wraps founder, Kath Austin, knew there had to be a better way. A way to preserve and protect food in the refrigerator without generating so much waste. So she invented BeeBee Wraps -- beeswax-coated cotton wraps. BeeBee Wraps do the same job as single-use clingfilm, but they're reusable and made of sustainable materials. Reducing waste one roll of plastic clingfilm at a time.

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