5 Tips for Keeping the Fashion Revolution Alive

5 Tips for Keeping the Fashion Revolution Alive

Last week, we saw the Fashion Revolution campaign swing into full force during Fashion Revolution Week. The global movement is gaining incredible momentum with tens of thousands of people joining the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign. Now that Fashion Revolution Week is over, here are a few tips to keep the resistance alive!

1. Think First

Fight mindless consumerism and think before you buy. Cheap price tags can make it easy to buy things ‘just because’, but this attitude is what is keeping fast fashion alive! Before you buy something try to ask yourself, do I really love it? Will I really wear it? Don’t buy things that are just going to sit in your closet, or worse a landfill. Buy what you love.

2. Look for Quality

Always look for signs of quality production when buying something new. Are the hems even? Are the buttons loose? These are good indicators of how long an item will last in your closet. You want to be able to wear your favourite pieces over and over again so invest in quality over quantity.

3. Be Smart

Fashion Revolution encourages everyone to ASK QUESTIONS. Who made my clothes? What were the working conditions like? How can this be so cheap? Asking questions is the most fundamental way to raise accountability and transparency within the fashion industry and beyond. Stop supporting brands that ignore your questions, and start seeking out those brands worthy of your curiosity. Be smart and vote with your wallet.

4. Be Respectful

Stop the cycle of disposable fashion and start treating your closet with the respect it deserves! If you want your clothes to last, make sure you are caring for them properly. Only wash when you need to, try to mend where you can, and pass on old favourites to new friends.

5. Spread the Word!!!

The most important thing is to get the message out. Fashion is not disposable. It is not mindless. And it’s not ok to support companies that produce with little regard for human rights or the health of our planet. It is shocking that we have gotten to this point, and even worse, most people don’t even know! Spread the word and keep the revolution alive!