5 Simple Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips

In the UK, it is estimated that we throw away 108 million rolls of wrapping paper during the Christmas season, filling nearly 100 million bin bags with packaging.

Here are a few easy tips to help cut down your waste this gift-giving season!

1. Ditch The Store-Bought Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying wrapping paper, take a look around the house and see what you already have. For instance, turn a brown paper shopping bag inside out for a clean and classic look.  Or simply rescue some old newspaper for a guilt-free alternative to store-bought wrapping paper. Plus you can have some real fun picking out which articles (or cartoons…) you want to feature.

2. Opt for Newspaper instead of Bubble Wrap

If you have a gift that is fragile, instead of wrapping it in plastic bubble wrap, find some old newspaper to bunch up and protect the gift. This simple swap cuts down our plastic and overall waste from packaging.

3. Wrap Your Gift in a Reusable Bag

To avoid wrapping paper altogether, you can pop your gift into a reusable grocery bag or simple tote bag. These will conceal your real gift, and act as a great bonus present to the recipient!

4. Use Wrapping Paper More than once

Wrapping paper is sold as a single-use product, but why throw it away when it can be used again? Unwrap your present carefully so that you can use it again for the next gift you give.

5. Know that not all Wrapping Paper is Recyclable

Many wrapping papers have metallic or plastic films, glitter or other decorations that prevent them from being recycled. If you are desperate for a traditionally wrapped present, stay away from shiny papers as these most likely have such films. If you receive some wrapping paper that can’t be used again, ‘The Scrunch Test’ is a simple way to gauge whether wrapping paper can be recycled. If you scrunch it up into a ball and it stays scrunched, then chances are you can recycle it. If it doesn’t stay scrunched, then it has a coating that prevents the paper from being recycled.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help us reduce the amount we throw away during the holiday season! If you are still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, head to our holiday gift guide!