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5 Perfect Ethical Jewellery Gifts For Valentine's Day

Finding the perfect present for your loved ones can be tricky. Luckily we’re here to help you find the ideal gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day! Discover gorgeous, handcrafted Ethical Jewellery you definitely won’t find on the high street. Trust us, your partner will appreciate the extra thought and care that goes into selecting a piece of jewellery that isn’t just beautiful design, but also a beautiful story.

So, what makes our ethical jewellery different? Each piece is made from responsibly sourced materials such as Fairtrade, Fairmined or recycled metals, and ensuring that those involved in every stage of the production are treated fairly and with respect.

To help you in your search of the perfect little box for this Valentine’s Day, we have put together a list of our 5 top picks so you can be confident that as much love went into making them as she’ll feel wearing it.

Gold Seville Crown Ring

Gold Seville Crown Ring  
Gold Seville Crown Ring - £75  

We start this list with this beautiful Gold Seville Crown Ring from Little By Little.

The design of this piece is inspired by a ring given to brand co-founder and ethical jewellery designer Annabel Cox by her grandmother.  It is formed by four semi-circular parts making up the crown setting, which is perfect to reflect light and sparkle.

The silver top is completed by the 2mm Cubic Zirconia, a man-made, ethical stone that will add the perfect classy touch to the design.

About the brand:

Little By Little is founded by jewellery designer Annabel Cox and her friend and food editor, Georgina Fuggle. The brand’s aim is to create positive social impact producing collections exclusively in Lima, Peru, using locally sourced silver.

Thanks to a partnership with Action For Hunger, every piece of jewellery sold Little By Little funds three day’s worth of food for a malnourished child.

Why she’ll love it:

This Gold Seville Crown Ring is the perfect gift choice if your partner is a lover of understated design with a touch of class. This ring is the right choice for those who are not fans of big stones and instead prefer a more subtle statement.

Thinking that this ring will fund three days worth of food for a malnourished child will make your partner feel even happier about this present, which not only will be a piece worth showing off, but also talking about.

Filigree Walnut Leaf Ring

Yellow Gold Filigree Walnut Leaf Ring MAMOQ
Yellow Gold Filigree Walnut Leaf Ring - £180

The Filigree Walnut Leaf Ring in yellow gold from Arabel Lebrusan is a statement ring and the perfect addition for a sophisticated look.

The brand’s aim is to design rings that “stand the test of fast fashion”, producing evergreen patterns that your partner will love forever. The unique pattern is inspired by a walnut leaf and is crafted by expert artisans in Spain. using a traditional filigree technique. It’s made from 100% recycled sterling silver plated with 18ct yellow gold.

About the brand:

Arabel Lebrusan is an award-winning designer specialising in the production of jewellery that celebrates craftsmanship. She works with artisans in the UK and Spain, reinventing the heritage of jewellery making for the creation of modern pieces.

Why she’ll love it:

If your partner is a lover of intricate, beautiful designs, then she will love this delicate ring. This Arabel Lebrusan piece, in fact, has all the right characteristics to be worn individually or co-ordinated to other jewels, perfect for a statement look.

This ring will be an everyday reminder of the beautiful heritage of craftsmanship, so is the perfect gift for someone who respects tradition and the arts.

Bianca Silver Necklace

      Bianca Silver Necklace MAMOQ
Bianca Necklace - £140

This is the silver Bianca necklace featuring a Barilotto chain and a silver heart pendant. It's the perfect necklace for any outfit, thanks to its effortlessly chic finish. The necklace, from SeeMe, is made using recycled silver sourced from local markets near the Medina of Tunis. Its heart pendant makes this necklace the right gift to show someone your love this Valentine’s Day!

About the brand:

SeeMe was founded by Caterina Occhio, whose aim was not simply to make beautiful jewellery but also provide financial independence for female survivors of violence in Tunisia. The brand trains women (who are often single mothers ostracised by society) in the craft of jewellery-making to provide an empowering source of fair employment for them.

Why she’ll love it:

The Bianca Necklace is the perfect piece for a partner whose strong sense of style matches her ethics. This necklace compliments almost any outfit and has the added benefit of helping disadvantaged women through wearing it. The heart symbolises hatred and violence turning into love. What better present for a loved one?

Loka Curve Hoop Earrings

Loka Curve Hoop Earrings

Loka Curve Hoop Earrings - £85

The Loka Curve Hoop Earrings offer a contemporary twist on an evergreen: hoop earrings.

If your partner is a fan of edgy, contemporary jewels, then she will love them as they are a perfect everyday essential to accessorise with any outfit.

These earrings, from ANUKA, are handcrafted incorporating Fairmined and recycled precious metals

About the brand:

ANUKA produces a beautiful range of jewellery featuring strong bold designs, usually giving a contemporary twist to classic jewellery.

The collections are wax cast using traditional techniques in the UK and then receive a hand finish in the ANUKA studio in Cheshire, England.

Why she’ll love it:

These hoop earrings are perfect for the partner who doesn’t follow the trend, instead prefers unique jewellery with a twist.  With such a lovely and ethical story behind the designs, she will be sure to love it this Valentine’s Day.

Gold Crescent Lune Necklace

Gold Crescent Lune Necklace MAMOQ
Gold Crescent Lune Necklace - £185

The Gold crescent lune necklace by KIND Jewellery is a great accessory for any season, perfect to go with any outfit. Whether your partner is a lover of simple, linear designs inspired by nature, or she loves to layer different necklaces together, this will be the perfect addition to her jewellery collection.

The pendant presents a double-sided design,  embossed on the front and polished on the back., Additionally all KIND jewellery comes in a KIND eco-friendly jewellery box.

About the brand:

KIND Jewellery was created by ethical jewellery designer Tansy Haak, who used to work mainly as a sculptor, producing large-scale pieces from aluminium and copper.

With the creation of this brand, she has decided to focus on jewellery, taking inspiration from the natural world around her.

Why she’ll love it:

If your partner loves nature, then this is a great choice. This moon-inspired necklace is dreamy yet minimal, perfect for a unique look that will make your partner feel special.

Not only that but it’s sustainably handmade in London and delivered in an eco-friendly box, perfect for a totally ethical gift! 

Daniela Pisciottano
Daniela Pisciottano
Daniela is a freelance writer for various publications with a love for fashion and not enough hours in the day to write all the things she wants to write.