5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

Choosing sustainable festival outfits may be the most important festival-related decision you make (aside from whether or not to use the questionable porta-loo).

We love festival fashion. Hello, any excuse to go full-on boho is a yes from us. But the problem is that a lot of consumers buy their festival ‘fits and then wear them one time. Buying for one-time use is a huge sustainability issue. It’s like the single-use plastic straw problem, but with fashion. Because those one-time-worn items probably just go directly to the landfill. (Or to a charity shop, then to the landfill). So as you do your inevitable pre-festival shopping, it’s important to think about sustainability. You might be tempted to buy that beaded bralette with dangling feathers…but are you really going to wear it again? Unless you’re planning on attending a family barbecue a la Bridget Jones at the Tarts and Vicars party, we’re guessing not.

So how can we start to offset the issue of festival waste? The first way is to think about our sustainable festival outfits. Because Festivals are all about getting back in touch with nature (aka you’ll probably be sleeping on the literal earth ground), let’s think all-natural and organic when it comes to our clothes. Let’s buy ethical, natural and sustainable festival outfits. Let’s opt for looks that celebrate and empower the environment. From brands that are giving back to communities and using low-impact materials. With that in mind...

...These are our fave sustainable festival outfits for 2019:

Out of the Blue

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

1. Sunset Chambray Baer Reversible Jacket from Cor (£89) 2. Conexion BVD Top from La Petite Mort (£35) 3. Enchanted Garden Pink Cotton Bum Bag from Mayamiko (£29) 4. Tiffany Dark Denim Tencel Shorts from Komodo (£67.50) 5. Stroller Stormy Sea Organic Cotton Espadrilles from Komodo (£48)[/caption]


Denim shorts are a must-have for any number of sustainable festival outfits. But don’t go for those boring old cut-offs. Komodo’s high waisted Tiffany Shorts (£67.50) turn your same old denim into boho chic. Totally out of the blue. And they’re made of 100% sustainable Tencel. But your sky-blue statement piece is the Sunset Chambray Baer Reversible Jacket (£89) from Cor. We love this jacket because it’s completely reversible (unlike your decision to do that last tequila shot). Also, we love it because it’s majorly on sale. Cor’s entire collection is inspired by artist palettes. So these looks are perfect for the artsy festival atmosphere. Guaranteed to get compliments.

Because the jacket is high key glam, we’ve paired it with a low key white tank — the Conexion BVD Top (£35) from La Petite Mort. (Of course, made of organic cotton and handcrafted in Peru). Komodo’s Stroller Stormy Sea Organic Cotton Espadrilles (£48) go perfectly and give the look some texture. But no festival ensemble is complete without the perfect bumbag. Mayamiko’s Enchanted Garden Pink Cotton Bum Bag (£29) is the one to go for. It’s locally sourced and handmade in Malawi (by empowered women!). So while you’re soaking up festival vibes under the blue sky, you’ll be getting good vibes from all your ethical fashion looks.

Sunrise and Shine

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

1. Boholicious Hoops from RAW Copenhagen (£25) 2. Bardenas Coral Organic Cotton Camisole from VILDNIS (£60) 3. Unisex Deckchair Stripe Organic Cotton Pleated Trousers from Humphries & Begg (£120) 4. CAMERA Bag Lemon from Komodo (£70) 5. Tibet Squash Navy Organic Cotton Trainers from Komodo (£67.50)[/caption]


If you’re feeling bold and you’re not afraid of some intense colour blocking, Sunrise and Shine is your look. And let’s be honest, if you’re not afraid to dive head first into that mosh pit, you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a little fashion risk. Of all our sustainable festival outfits, this one might be the most fun. The Deckchair Stripe Organic Cotton Pleated Trousers (£120) from Humphries & Begg scream summer and look like sherbet ice cream. The Bardenas Coral Organic Cotton Camisole (£60) from VILDNIS is the perfect loose-fitting top to pair with them. And, the good news is you’ll be dressed head to toe in organic cotton.

But the Sunrise look is all about accessorising. And we are loving the Boholicious Hoops (£25) from RAW Copenhagen. This ethical jewellery essential is making us want to use the word “Boholicious” as much as possible. Sidenote: petition for “Bohemian Rhapsody” to be renamed “Boholicious Rhapsody.” You can suggest that when they inevitably play it at the festival. Komodo’s Tibet Squash Navy Organic Cotton Trainers (£67.50) are totally organic and totally festival-ready. The hint of a shoe-side sunrise will inspire you to stay up all night and watch the festival sunrise. But what really brings this outfit together is Komodo’s CAMERA Bag Lemon (£70). Because all sustainable festival outfits need a receptacle for your iPhone, wallet, and naturally, your Polaroid camera.

Raise Some Red Flags

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

1. Marishka Red Organic Cotton Bow Front Crop Top from Mayamiko (£35) 2. Boho Shine Bright Necklace with Red Quartzite from RAW Copenhagen (£39) 3. Ethical Blue Skirt from Veryan (£85) 4. Bern Satin Anthracite Unisex Sunglasses from Dick Moby (£183) 5. Arena Wave Trainers from LOFS (£88)[/caption]

Serious question: if you can’t show your midriff at a festival, where can you show it? And (more serious question), do people still use the word “midriff”? Regardless, the Marishka Red Organic Cotton Crop Top (£35) from Mayamiko is a must-have for the sustainable festival goer. Raise Some Red Flags is the look for Day 1 of the festival. When you’re sober enough to take *good* pictures. And when everyone else is sober enough to remember how awesome you look. We’re pairing it with Veryan’s Ethical Blue Skirt (£85) because the midi length is so in right now. Plus, the skirt’s bamboo silk lining makes it totally comfortable for moshing around.

A low-cut top demands a statement necklace, so we’re adding the Boho Shine Bright Necklace with Red Quartzite (£39) from RAW Copenhagen. And we’re loving the LOFS Arena Wave (£88) trainers. Because you will be on your feet all day. And because the red laces are the perfect festival touch. Festivals are also the perfect locale to show off your new sunglasses. Seriously, show them off now because summer in the UK lasts like a week. Dick Moby’s Bern Satin Anthracite Unisex Sunglasses (£183) are kind of giving us Tom-Cruise-Aviator kind of vibes. And we’re not going to lie, we’re kind of into it. If you're looking for sustainable festival outfits that match edginess with glam, you probably need to Raise Some Red Flags.

Mixed Prints as strong as Mixed Drinks

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

1. Cosmic Haveli Print Organic Cotton Jumpsuit from Humphries & Begg (£138) 2. Halo Headband from La Petite Mort (£19) 3. Garupal Mochila Bag from Untold Treasures (£160) 4. Lapwing Sunglasses from Bird Sunglasses (£108.36) 5. Edith Tropical Pink Sandals from Komodo (£40)[/caption]


If you have mixed feelings about mixed prints, let us offer you this sage piece of wisdom: mixing prints can be as risky as mixing drinks. It can go very very wrong. (Looking at you, Green Jungle Juice). But when it works it works (looking at you, Long Island Iced Tea). And with Humphries & Begg’s Cosmic Haveli Print Organic Cotton Jumpsuit (£138), it works. This is fashion mixology of the highest order. Tribal swirls and bright colours dance around colour blocks in what a jumpsuit that becomes a microcosm of the whole festival atmosphere. Fun jumpsuits like this require minimal accessorising…but you’re at a festival so now’s the time to go OTT. La Petite Mort’s Upcycled Halo Headband (£19) is a must-have for Day 3 of the festival. Aka when it’s desperate times because you haven’t showered all weekend, and you need to hide your hair.

The Lapwing Sunglasses (£108.36) from Bird will be a great conversation piece. (With every pair sold, Bird Sunglasses donates a solar light to communities across Africa). Plus, they’re 100% cherry wood and totally sustainable. Your festival bag is the Garupal Mochila Bag (£160) from Untold Treasures.  It was handmade by the Wayuu people, a Native American ethnic group from the desert region of 'La Guajira' in Colombia. Purchasing this bag ensures the Colombian artisans are paid fairly for their amazing creations. Plus, the coloured prints will create the perfect contrast with your jumpsuit. Finally, you’ll show off your pedicure in Komodo’s Edith Tropical Pink Sandals (£40). The upcycled rubber sole will keep you going through your all-night dance marathon. You’ll feel good in your mixed prints. You’ll (hopefully) feel good with your mixed drinks. So why not mix it up?

Follow the Yellow Silk Road

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

1. Lotus Silk Chevron Print Long Sleeved Kimono from WYNAD (£80) 2. Leilani Black Sports Bra from RubyMoon (£55) 3. Graciela Multi Sports Shorts from RubyMoon (£49) 4. Recycling Sneaker High - Green Tiger from Elephbo (£176) 5. Weekend Bag from Elvis & Kresse (£299.99) 6. Paris Caramel Sunglasses from Dick Moby (£166)[/caption]


Follow the Yellow Silk Road has all the whimsy of Oz with all the boho Asian influence of the Silk Road. And (do we really have to say it?) it’s all about WYNAD's Lotus Silk Chevron Print Long Sleeved Kimono (£80). Kimonos are the look for 2019. And the Lotus Silk kimono will be the hit of the festival. (Then it will be the hit of your living room every night because wearing a silk kimono is genuinely addictive). And with loose-fitting lotus silk, you have permission to go skimpy underneath. We’re thinking RubyMoon’s Leilani Black Sports Bra (£55) and Graciela Multi Sports Shorts (£49). Both these items are named after female entrepreneurs that RubyMoon is supporting in developing countries. So, of all your sports bras and spandex, these are definitely the most empowering.

We’re tying the hints of yellow together with Dick Moby’s Paris Caramel Sunglasses (£166). These shades are constructed from biodegradable and recycled plastics, making them an awesome addition to all sustainable festival outfits. For your shoes, there’s nothing cooler than high tops made of old cement bags. So, Elephbo’s Recycling Sneaker High - Green Tiger (£176) give your kimono look that 21st c. grunge factor. And, when you need to pack for the weekend, Elvis & Kresse’s yellow Weekend Bag (£299.99) has your back. Made of decommissioned fire hoses, this bag is durable enough to see you through rain, mud and sleet. And it’s guaranteed to protect all your sustainable festival outfits packed inside.

Final thoughts...

Attending a festival might be the most fun thing you do this summer. But it might also be the most wasteful. Between single-use plastic cups and throwaway tents, the festival industry has a long way to go before it's considered fully sustainable. So don't let your wardrobe become part of the problem. Choosing sustainable festival outfits will let you make a statement about the type of future you see for festivals. A future in which we can still soak up boho summer music vibes with our besties, but we can do it while still showing our love for the environment. Because the earth shouldn't be a victim of festivals. It should be part of what makes them so meaningful.