10 Questions with Nick from WAKEcup: Tackling the Problem of Single Use Waste-MAMOQ

As part of our founder interview series, we speak with Nick from WAKEcup about their mission to tackle single-use plastics one reusable coffee cup at a time!


How did David Attenborough help inspire two friends to start WAKEcup?


Buffie and I both used to work for the same record label and happened to meet up for a drink when the now iconic Blue Planet II series was on air a couple of years back. We started chatting about the impact the series had on both of us, which then provided the impetus to start WAKEcup and provide real-world solutions to the single-use plastic problem that Sir David Attenborough so skilfully highlighted.


Why did you decide to team up with The Marine Conservation Society, and how does WAKEcup support them?


The Marine Conservation Society is our chosen charity, they work tirelessly to clean our Oceans, Waterways, and beaches of plastic waste. We support them on beach cleans and donate 10% of profits to the charity for them to continue their great work. You can listen to a number of environmental podcasts featuring MCS Patrons and BBC presenters Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird and Lizzie Daly on our website.


What is it like running a mission-led business with a good friend? What is a typical day like for you?


Never a dull moment! I like to think we are a good team, with our skills complementing each other. Buffie is the calm hand on the tiller as I set sail in choppy waters!


What is your most used WAKEcup item?


I use my wallet and water bottle every day, whilst Buffie’s bamboo coffee cup sees a lot of action to and from work.


When you have to buy something new, what do you consider before purchasing?


Do I need it? Is it good quality? Can I afford it? If it’s three yes’s then we’re on.


What tips would you give someone looking to reduce their plastic consumption?


Billions of single-use cups, bottles, straws, and bags go to landfill each year. By investing in one of our Zero Waste Kits, you will be prepared for whatever the day throws at you!


What steps do you take to ensure that the WAKEcup collection is ethically produced?


Our manufacturing partners have been audited by the ethical trading institute, and make sure all workers rights are upheld.


Switching from the music industry to WAKEcup is quite a leap! What is your proudest moment since launching the company?


The whole Blue Planet production team ordering our sustainable bamboo mugs was a definite highlight.


If you weren’t tackling plastic pollution, what cause would you fight for instead?


Homeless charities and ending inequality within the UK is something I have supported for 10 years whilst climate change is an issue which the planet faces now.


Lastly, how would you like to see WAKEcup expand in the future?


I’d like WAKEcup to become the go-to platform for Marine Conservation and Zero Waste Inspiration.