10 Questions with Gabriela from MOMOC: Vegan Shoes Combining Femininity and Sustainability-MAMOQ


As part of our founder interview series, we speak with Gabriela Machado Llavero, founder of MOMOC to talk about the inspiration behind her range of sustainable shoes.


What were you doing before launching MOMOC? What inspired you to launch a sustainable footwear brand?


I was working in the Big4 EY in Luxembourg as an international tax consultant. After an unpaid leave to New Zealand where I worked in organic farms in the context of Woofing, I learned all about circular economy and the importance of taking care of nature. When I came back it was not the same and something started buzzing in my head, I needed to contribute to creating a conscious mind. Searching for sustainable fashion brands I realized that on the shoe market, feminine and sustainable were not quite a match, so I went for it and created Momoc.


Eco Friendly Shoes by MOMOC

How would you describe the design of MOMOC? Where do you get your inspiration and who do you envision wearing your brand?


Momoc is a Spanish, feminine, vegan and sustainable shoe brand. My inspiration is from nature and the classic fashion, as Chanel. Our shoes are the perfect combination of trendy, elegant, comfy and sustainable!


What is the significance of the name MOMOC?


Read backwards it means: Caring Of the Mother Of Materials.


Ethical fashion can be difficult to define. What does “Ethical Fashion” mean to you?


Ethical fashion means for me caring for the planet and damaging the planet as little as possible, and that the products are made by people paid fairly. It would be great if we could all go naked and barefoot but as in actual society this is not possible, then at least wear fashion that uses a lot of recycled materials and organic materials.


Sustainable, handmade & vegan shoes by MOMOC

How does MOMOC embody your definition of ethical fashion?


Our shoes are 100% made in Spain by workers paid fairly (following Spanish labour law) and using sustainable materials, such as, recycled tyre for the sole, recycled wood for the heel, ecological microfabric chrome-free for the lining and recycled materials for the exterior part.

We also write a #planetblog on our website, were we post interesting articles on sustainable lifestyle.


How are the materials that you work with different from other conventional shoes?


They are vegan and sustainable, mainly from Spanish origin. We have also done a collaboration with Piñatex, the vegetal leather, and we will continue working with them. We are constantly searching for new and more sustainable materials which are good quality for making shoes.


People often say that sustainable and ethical fashion options lack style. How would you respond to that?


That’s actually why I created Momoc. Our clients love our shoes for their style, femininity and originality, the fact that they are ethical and sustainable is the added value but not the main reason why the clients buy them.


MOMOC Vegan & Eco-Friendly Shoes

How do you try and live more sustainably in your own life?


I always try to stay plastic free (I carry a water bottle with me), I eat mainly fruit and vegetables. Our objective at home is to be zero waster but we find it quite difficult, so we recycle everything in a special recycle point near home. Of course, never ask for a bag (plastic or paper) and use public transport, or electric scooter. Also be super conscious of water consumption: short showers, boiling just the water we will use. We event need to take extra care because in Spain there is not much rain lately…


If you weren’t running MOMOC, what would you be doing?


Now, after having created Momoc, I would definitely be working in a company with sustainable values and working in a department whose task is bringing sustainable values to the employees and company itself, for example, running the social corporate responsibility department.


How would you like to see MOMOC grow in the future?


I see Momoc around the world! Women all around the world taking a conscious walk with Momoc and sharing sustainable values. I see a big community where people share their experiences and motivate others to be sustainable and were we talk freely about conscious matters.

One planet, one home, your home!