10 Questions with Alessandro from Georganics: Natural and Sustainable Oral Care

As part of our founder interview series, we speak with Alessandro from Georganics about their wholistic approach to natural and sustainable oral care.


What were you doing before Georganics?


Did you have you have experience in oral care before launching Georganics? I was working for a small online retailer in specialty coffee, so not quite a background in oral care.


What inspired you to create a natural oral health care brand?


At that time, I went through few main changes in my diet, moving towards traditional and nutrient rich-foods. At the same time I discovered that good oral health is 90% nutrition after reading a book from dentist Dr Weston Price.


What is oil pulling, and what are the health benefits?


Oil Pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy, it helps remove (or ‘pull’) bacterias from the mouth. Been made with only organic coconut and essentials, it’s also a great way to avoid putting synthetic chemicals into our mouth.


In addition to creating toxin-free oral care, you are very conscious of the environmental impact of Georganics. Was this always part of your brand ethos?


Initially, my focus was on creating a range of products that cleanses as well as any other oral care, but without using conventional ingredients. Soon customers started asking less plastic packaging, which we then worked on removing completely.


While all of the materials you work with are natural, how do you ensure they are fairly and ethically sourced as well?


When we source ingredients, two boxes needs to be ticked. One, the product itself has to be certified - organic or food-grade, which guarantees no pesticides or toxic chemicals are used in the making. Second, we need to meet the producer or importer in person - by doing this we make sure on the sustainability and ethicality of the business we’re working with.


How do you try to live more sustainably in your personal life?


Personally, living in a quite remote part of Sussex countryside, get my food from local farm shops. We have a great biodynamic and organic farming cooperative in Forest Row, which has two farm shops, Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farm which are a must-visit if you’re in the area.


The Zero Waste movement is definitely growing in the UK.  What easy tips would you give someone just starting their own journey to zero waste?


For me key is having an awareness around the issue waste is causing and an emotional reason to change. The best way to do this is visiting a local landfill and realise how our daily shopping choices have an impact on the environment.


As a brand, what has been the biggest challenge in staying true to the Georganics philosophy?


Luckily our mission is quite simply and the clue is in the name: GEO-earth and ORGANICS-natural ingredients. Every time we develop a product we look at how earth friendly our packaging is, then source the best quality, natural ingredients.


What do you look for in the other brands that you support?


We like clever brands. For us, they have to have an wholistic view on how their products affect us as well as the place where we live (which comes back to ‘us’ again).


How would you like to see Georganics grow in the future?


As cliche as it may sound, organically.